Silva-Tech/South, Ltd. offers a variety of services in order to help landowners meet their forest/wildlife management objectives. Whether a landowner has 15 or 15,000 acres, STS wants to be a part of the management program. If the project necessitates a sub-contractor, STS has long-standing histories and working relationships with numerous professional vendors.

STS continually evaluates opportunities to provide new services to its clients. In the year 2000, STS entered into the forest fertilization business with the purchase of a 20-ton tinder and fabrication of four fertilizer hoppers. The hoppers were designed to be mounted on the company’s spray rigs, and have allowed STS to apply bands of liquid herbicide and granular fertilizer over newly planted pine seedlings with a single pass.

Additionally, another venture involves utilizing a large mulching machine for a variety of purposes, including site preparation for tree planting, general brush clearing, as well as creating roads.

STS’s most recent purchase was a Savannah Smooth Road Grader in order to provide our clients with the best road maintenance possible. This implement is pulled behind a truck or tractor to recondition dirt and gravel roads that have become rough and bumpy due to the effects of time and travel of these roads. The Savannah Road Grader reconditions, smoothes and packs a road all in one pass.

Turn-Key Herbicide Application
• Prescriptions
• Ground Application
• Aerial Application
• Pasture Banding with ATV units
• Damage Consultation

Turn-Key Reforestation
• Seedling Sales (bareroot and containerized pine/hardwood)
• Hand Planting
• Pasture Conversion
• Inspections / Quality Control

• Site Preparation
• General Brush Clearing/Aesthetics
• Pasture Conversion
• Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
• Real Estate Development

Forestland Fertilizations
• Broadcast (stand establishment and mid-rotation)
• Banded (stand establishment)
• Impregnated